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Joel N. Myers Sundial Sculpture


The Joel N. Myers Sundial was dedicated on September 22, 2011.

The Joel N. Myers Sundial in The Arboretum at Penn State was created by sculptor Mark Mennin in 2011 and was made possible by a gift from 1961 Penn State alumnus, Dr. Joel N. Myers, founder of AccuWeather. The sundial is a granite sculpture that serves as a functionally accurate timepiece and artistic attraction.

Accurate sundials have existed since ancient times. However, the sundials seen most often are decorative pieces that are valued for their beauty or novelty rather than accuracy and function. Highly accurate sundials as large as the Myers Sundial must be custom-made and installed for their exact locations, and this requires sophisticated technical knowledge and surveying skill. As a piece of sculptural art, the Myers Sundial incorporates features of a functional and highly accurate timepiece.

While everyone can enjoy the artistry of the Myers Sundial, the functionality of the timepiece introduces a complexity that requires explanation, which we provide in a brochure that is available in the H.O. Smith Botanic Gardens. You may also use the YouTube video link in the side bar to watch an introduction to the technical aspects of the sundial by Dr. Chris Palma.



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