Source: Nick Kerlin

Northern cardinals brighten the woods and fields in the Arboretum.






Advisory Committee -
Arboretum Avian Education Program

The Arboretum's Avian Education Program was established in 2011 by an endowment from an anonymous donor. Program development and oversight are performed by Dr. Margaret Brittingham, professor of wildlife resources, with the assistance of an advisory committee. Included on the committee are representatives of Penn State (faculty and students), local birding enthusiasts, and environmental organizations.

Arboretum Avian Education Advisory Committee Members

  • Susan Braun
    State College Area School District

  • Margaret Brittingham
    Professor, Wildlife Resources
    Ecosystem Science & Management
    College of Agricultural Sciences

  • Deb Grimm
    Pennsylvania Native Plants Society

  • Deb Grove
    Past President, State College Bird Club

  • Greg Grove
    Research Associate
    Huck Institutes-Life Sciences

  • Nell Herrmann
    Learning Enrichment/Gifted Support
    State College Area High School

  • Molly Hetrick
    Recreation Supervisor
    Millbrook Marsh Nature Center
    Centre Region Parks & Recreation

  • Nick Kerlin
    Bird enthusiast and bander-in-charge

  • Katie Ombalski
    Clearwater Conservancy

  • Kim Steiner
    Director, The Arboretum at Penn State

  • Emily Thomas
    Graduate Student, Wildlife and Fisheries
    Ecosystem Science & Management
    College of Agricultural Sciences

  • Nick Thomas
    Assistant Park Manager
    Bald Eagle State Park

  • Amy Weidensaul
    Director of Program Development
    Pennsylvania Audubon Society

  • Phil Wallis
    Director, Pennsylvania Audubon Society

  • Douglas Wentzel
    Shaver's Creek Environmental Center

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