The Arboretum will preserve this stand of healthy hardwoods and restore the native flora that once grew in its understory.

Dr. Kim C. Steiner

Source: Richard Ackley
Professor Steiner stands on a hillside above Big Hollow where the Arboretum will restore native plant communities.

In his career at Penn State, Dr. Steiner has taught courses in dendrology, forest genetics, and conservation biology in the Forest Science curriculum. He is active nationally in forestry education issues, currently as a member of the committee that accredits forestry curricula, and was the founding organizer in 1996 of a biennial conference series on University Education in Natural Resources. His recent research has focused on the genetics and reproductive ecology of oaks and the responses of forest-grown trees to ambient ozone, and he directs a large, long-term research project on regeneration of mixed oak forests. As recent chair of an international group of scientists working on the genetics of oaks, he arranged symposia on that subject in Pennsylvania (1997), Croatia (2000), and Japan. He has authored or coauthored over 125 scientific and technical articles. During the academic year 2004-2005 he served as Chair of the Penn State Faculty Senate.

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