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Learning where each species grows, and the role it plays in its ecosystem, will be the foundation of lessons about native flora.


Arboretum Volunteers

Dick Repsher and Tatiana Calmon, garden volunteers at the Arboretum, prepare Cannas for winter storage (October 2010).

Volunteers include members of the community as well as Penn State faculty, staff, and students.

Arboretum Ecological Restoration Group

Since 2007, there have been organized work sessions in which volunteers helped to stop the spread of nonnative shrubs such as honeysuckle, privet, and multiflora rose in the understory of the Hartley Wood, an historic woodlot in the Arboretum. These efforts have now been extended into other areas of the Arboretum in Big Hollow.

Garden Volunteers and Docents

Since the completion of Phase I of the H.O. Smith Botanic Gardens in 2009, the Arboretum's director of horticulture has been training volunteers interested in working in the gardens and becoming greeters and docents.

All of these volunteer opportunities are listed below and on the application form.

Arboretum Volunteer Application Form


  • Serving as tour guides/docents
  • Assisting with gardening
  • Scouting for garden pests
  • Assisting at special events
  • Gathering data for curatorial records
  • Assisting with data management
  • Restoring and preserving native habitat
  • Maintaining/enhancing trails in Arboretum woodlands

If you are interested in volunteering for the Arboretum, please contact Nancy Stoner at




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