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Inner Loop


Source: Howard Nuernberger
A crane lowers the Hosler Oak into the ground in the center of the Mitchell Tract.

The Arboretum will be a place of beauty, an important cultural feature of the University and the community.


Eastern Inner Loop Update

For two and a half decades before the Preliminary Arboretum Master Plan was written by Sasaki Associates, Inc., in 1999, municipalities surrounding the University Park campus had been considering whether to lessen traffic congestion on the major commuting route to the north and east of State College (North Atherton Street) by seeking state transportation funds to construct a four-lane highway called the Eastern Inner Loop.

In 2005, however, the six municipalities who had supported earlier feasibility studies for the eastern bypass learned that the most-favored option (a road connecting University Drive with North Atherton Street via Vairo Boulevard) had a projected cost of $44 million. They also learned that no state funding would be available for the foreseeable future. Subsequently, on November 29, 2005, the Centre Daily Times (CDT) reported that the Centre Region Council of Governments general forum had voted to stop considering the Eastern Inner Loop a viable option, and to investigate less expensive ways to relieve traffic congestion north of the campus. [Other CDT articles regarding deliberations about the Easter Inner Loop: October 12, 2005, October 18, 2005]

Source: Howard Nuernberger
Within walking distance of 50,000 people, open space such as this will be valued exponentially as surrounding land is converted to commercial and residential use in the decades ahead.


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