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Eastern Inner Loop

Joel McNeal
This plant, Pellaea atropurpurea (L.) Link (commonly called purple cliffbrake), occasionally grows in calcareous cliffs and ledges or in old masonry walls. In the arboretum's floristic survey, it was found growing on a hilltop, in a conifer forest that supports the richest assemblage of native plants in the arboretum (129 species).

The Arboretum will be a place of beauty, an important cultural feature of the University and the community.


Program Synopsis

Note: Map numbers not shown represent features included within the program elements listed below.

Proposed Arboretum
Program Element
Existing Land Use
  Natural Areas    
1 Mature Oak-Pine-Hickory Forest Community 43.0    Woodlot
2 Ridgetop Oak-Pine Forest Community 29.5    Pasture, Farm Operations and Woodlot
3 Mixed Mesophytic Forest Community 17.5    Woodlot and Farm Operations
4 Valley Stream Bank Forest Community 38.0    Tree Research and Farm Operations
5 Native Pine Association- Pitch, White and Virginia Pines 10.7    Woodlot
6 Northern Hardwood Forest Community 33.0    Pasture
7 Barrens Community 29.1    Pasture


Pine Plantation 35.0    Pine Plantation
9 Prairie Community 15.0    Pasture
10 Savanna Community 26.0    Pasture and Woodlot
11 Stormwater Detention and Treatment Demonstration (outside Arboretum) 2.0    Pasture
12 Created Wetland and Stormwater Treatment Area 4.5    Pasture
13 Limestone Outcrop Interpretive Area 0.7    Outcrop in Woodlot
14 Overlook Heights Teaching and Research (includes Turfgrass Facility) 78.5    Pasture and Farm Operations
19 Operations and Maintenance Center 3.8    Pasture
20 Education Center - Arrival and Parking - 75 cars 5.5    Pasture
21 Demonstration, Display, Specialty Gardens, Greenhouses and Conservatory 7.9    Pasture and Farm Operations
24 Flower Trials Garden 7.5    Pasture and Farm Operations
25 Park, Pond and Event Lawn 9.5    Pasture and Farm Operations
  TOTAL 396.7     
  Linear Arboretum Elements    
15 Fracture Trace Trail and Allée 8600 lf    Various
26 Street Tree Collection 8650 lf    Campus Street Lawn


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