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Eastern Inner Loop

One of the trees at the Birch Overlook (October 2011)






One of the pumpkins entered in the jack-o'-lantern contest (October 2011)


Naming Opportunities -
Elements Within the Children's Garden



Children's Garden Illustrative Plan showing naming opportunities.
(Click on the image to see a larger version.)

Presented below are opportunities for naming structural features, as well as pieces of art and other special elements that would enrich the learning environment in the Children's Garden.

Childhood's Gate Entry Court (funded)

Entrance Water Feature ($150,000) (funded)
Rock Collection ($50,000) (funded)
Transformation Canopy ($50,000) (funded)
Water Feature - Spring Basin ($25,000) (funded)
Stone Bench ($15,000) (funded)
Rock Planter/Seat walls (1) ($10,000) (funded)

Central Valley ($200,000)

Bronze Resting Buffalo ($250,000)
Glass House ($150,000)
Espalier Amphitheater ($50,000)
Garden Plots & Forecourt ($35,000)
Aspen Story Circle ($25,000) (funded)
Gathering Lawn ($25,000)
Prairie Patch($25,000) (funded)
Susquehannock Camp ($25,000) (funded)
Wooden Bridge/Boardwalk ($20,000)
Sod-Roofed Shed ($15,000) (funded)

Limestone Cave ($200,000)

In and Out Creek ($10,000) (funded)

Fossil Gap ($200,000)

Time Spiral ($15,000) (funded)
Fossil Sculpture ($15,000) (funded)
Caterpillar Bench ($15,000) (funded)
Window Seat/Bird Overlook ($15,000) (funded)
Rock Planter/Seatwalls (3) ($10,000) (funded)

Mushroom Hollow ($200,000)

Heartwood Discovery Tree ($50,000) (funded)
Toadstool Sculptures & Seating ($20,000) (funded)

Art Opportunities and Special Elements

Art Opportunities (ranging from $1,000 - $10,000)

Most of the art pieces would be made of materials such as ceramic, stone, and bronze. Once a donor shows an interest in a feature, the Arboretum will work with the contractor to estimate the cost and identify a location for the piece.

Hand Pump ($5,000) (funded)
Musical Instruments (funded)
Animal Faces (funded)
Shell Bench ($8,000) (funded)
Ceramic Micro-Organisms—3D Fossils (funded)
Black Snake
Hanging Bat (Bronze) - $500 per bat (7 needed - 7 funded)
Bronze Animals—Native Pennsylvania species

Eastern Wild Turkey - $5,000

Please contact Patrick J. Williams, director of development, with questions about gift opportunities: 814-865-0441 or


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