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Eastern Inner Loop


Mums in the Rose and Fragrance Garden (October 2011)


Naming Opportunities in the Arboretum


Planter near the entrance to the Event Lawn

The Arboretum's Name ($25,000,000)


Commemorative Trees in The Arboretum at Penn State


Commemorative Bench Program


Approved Naming Opportunities Within Phase I of the H. O. Smith Botanic Gardens

The following opportunities to name elements within Phase I of the H. O. Smith Botanic Gardens are available.

Suggested giving levels are included in parentheses. A part of each gift will be used to establish an endowment fund for long-term maintenance and operation of each area within the Arboretum. Internal naming opportunities for some Arboretum features will be determined as the final designs are being completed.

Overlook Pavilion - Entire Structure ($1,000,000)

Overlook Pavilion - Horticulture Wing ($100,000)
Overlook Pavilion - Event Terrace (tented) ($500,000)
Overlook Portico (front porch and passage between building wings) ($200,000)

Overlook Pavilion Garden ($100,000)

Children's Garden (partially funded)

Elements within the Children's Garden

Birch Overlook (transition from Pavilion to upper end of Event Lawn) ($100,000)

Event Lawn ($1,000,000)

Conservatory (North) Terrace Garden ($1,000,000)

Trellis Panels (in wall, heavy steel with grass motif cutouts) (2) ($10,000 each)

Oasis Garden ($500,000)

Trellis Panels (in wall, heavy steel with grass motif cutouts) (3) ($10,000 each)

Oasis Garden Terrace (funded)

Lotus Pool (partially funded)

Bamboo Alleé (between Conservatory Terrace Garden and Oasis Garden) ($200,000)

Bamboo Motif Gate (funded)

Hawthorn Entry (to Event Lawn, from walled gardens) ($100,000)

Rose & Fragrance Garden (first half being completed in Phase I) ($2,250,000)

North Patio (funded)
South Patio ($50,000)
Entrance Trellis Panel (funded)
Trellis Panels (in wall, heavy steel with diamond motif cutouts) (7) ($10,000 each)
Curved Trellis Panel (at entrance to Rose Garden, heavy steeel with cutouts) (funded)
Iris Walk (funded)
Rose Garden Bower (funded)
Vine Trellis (88-foot trellis wall between Oasis and Rose Gardens) ($50,000)

Pollinators' Garden (larger opening) ($50,000)

Pollinators' Garden (smaller opening) ($50,000)

View across the Event Lawn in autumn

Marsh Meadow (funded)

In the Marsh Meadow

Marsh Meadow Osier Banks (2) ($7,500 each) (1 funded/1 available)
Marsh Meadow Dwarf Willow Banks (4) ($7,500 each)

Grove of the Ancients ($100,000)

Tropical Grove ($100,000)

Seat Walls ($20,000 each)

One remaining (at end of Event Lawn)
Two at Pavilion (funded)
One at end of Event Lawn (funded)
One at fountain (funded)


Approved Naming Opportunities Within Future Elements
of the H. O. Smith Botanic Gardens and Surrounding Landscape

Opportunities to name the following major elements in the botanic gardens of The Arboretum at Penn State became available for a three-year period beginning November 2006.

  1. Education Center - ($20,000,000)
  2. Conservatory - ($20,000,000) (See also Poplar Court.)
  3. Winter Garden - ($1,750,000)
  4. Winter Garden Terrace - ($1,500,000)
  5. Demonstration Garden - Flower and Turf Plots ($2,250,000)
  6. Demonstration Garden - Learning Center ($750,000)
  7. Demonstration Garden - Home Landscapes ($3,000,000)
  8. Demonstration Garden - Fruit and Vegetable Garden ($2,275,000)
  9. Orchard - ($300,000)
  10. Medieval Garden - ($1,500,000)
  11. Woodland Garden - Transition Woods ($1,500,000)
  12. Woodland Garden - Penn's Woods ($3,250,000)
  13. Woodland Garden - Asian Woods ($3,250,000)
  14. Four Seasons Garden - ($2,500,000)
  15. River of Grasses and Dry Stream - ($2,000,000)
  16. Perennial Gardens - ($10,000,000)
  17. Meadow Garden - ($1,500,000)

Please contact Patrick J. Williams, director of development, with questions about gift opportunities:


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