The Annual and Perennial Display Garden on the Joan Milius Smith Esplanade is a popular destination for visitors.




Source: Zack Maser
Friends and Founders gathered on the North Terrace for a reception on August 12, 2011.




The gold stucco walls highlight one of the mulched beds at the North Terrace.





Two chairs welcome visitors to stop and enjoy watching hummingbirds in the Pollinators' Garden.





Masses of sunflowers delighted visitors of all ages this summer in the newly installed "Pumpkin and Sunflower Patch" beyond the gourd arch on the Esplanade.





The gourd arch serves as a focal point at the far end of the Esplanade.





Featured above is the gnomon of the sundial that is being donated to the Arboretum by Joel N. Myers, founder of AccuWeather.





The Overlook Pavilion in the botanic gardens is frequently rented for weddings.





In addition to lotus plants, several varieties of water lilies and other aquatic plants fill this popular water feature in the botanic gardens.

















A Special Thanks to Our Major Donors

Thank you to all of you who have chosen to support The Arboretum at Penn State. All donations, large and small, are important to the growth and operation of the Arboretum.

$100,000 and More

Douglas W. Adler
Anonymous - Endowment for Avian Education
Class of 2010
Robert J. Day & Marcia U. Day
Robert & Ruth M. Ellis
Don Hamer & Marie Bednar
Edward R. & Helen S. Hintz
Joel N. Myers
James J. & Lynn D. Ramage
William L. Ross Estate
Charles H. ‘Skip’ Smith
James B. & Anna Lee Smith
John & Nancy Steimer

$25,000 to $99,999

Anonymous - Pollinators' Garden
Diane Blanton
Community Fdn. of Silicon Valley/John J. Finegan
Barbara & Donald Gross
Sandra Parker Hall & Dennis K. Hall
Philip G. & Elsie Keeney
Rod & Mitch Kirsch
Robert T. Kofman
Gretchen Leathers
BJ Mincemoyer
Penn State Federal Credit Union
David C. Smith
Jeffry S. Smith
John B. Smith
John T. Smith
James & Kathleen Stengel
Tracy & Mary Vargo

$10,000 to $24,999

Anonymous - Children's Garden
Hu & Mary Barnes
Helen L. Beattie
Sven & Carmen Bilen
Virginia Bossinger
Bill & Candace Dornan
Beth Egan
Elsie H. Hillman Foundation
Norman & Trygue Freed
Nancy Gamble
Kristina Meyer
John & Elizabeth Middleton
Dorothy O'Connor
Donna Queeney & Nicholas Kerlin
James & Roberta Scott
Virginia S. Walker

$5,000 to $9,999

Gary & Jean Doerr
Walter C. Goldstein
John L. Hanson
Neal 'Charlie' Kofman & Jason Kofman

Known Estate Commitments

Benjamin A. Bronstein
Daniel A. Cooney
Doris Daniels
Rod & Shari Erickson
Earle S. 'Skip' Lenker
Marjorie Mannino
Dorothy O'Connor

Founders' Circle ($5,000)

Douglas W. Adler
John & Sheryl Ayers
Hu & Mary Barnes
Helen Beattie
Theodore R. Bechtol, Jr. & Nancy Bechtol
Mary Lou & Peter Bennett
George & Joyce Biemesderfer
Sven & Carmen Bilen
Alan & Mary Bilzi
Diane Blanton
Virginia Bossinger
S. Hollace Bowers
Jim & Suzy Broadhurst
Dr. Dennis & Rose Calvin
Barbara J. Christ & Elwin L. Stewart
Henry ‘Chip’ & Jeanne Clark
Wayne M. Clickner
Gail Corle
Robert & Sherry Crassweller
Robert J. & Marcia U. Day
Jeff & Joan Dice
Bill & Candace Dornan
Robert & Ruth M. Ellis
John J. Finegan
Gordon N. Fleming
Walter C. Goldstein
Mary E. Gundel
Sandra Parker Hall & Dennis K. Hall
Phil Hawk & Candace Smith
Dr. Charles W. Heuser
Linda Higginson & Susan Youtz
E. Jay & Brenda Holcomb
Lamartine F. & Emeline Hood
Charles L. Hosler
James & Barbara Ingram
Bob & Beth Jeziorski
John H. & Veronica V. Jones
Philip G. & Elsie B. Keeney
Nick Kerlin & Donna Queeney
Thomas B. & Alice M. King
Nadine Kofman
Robert T. Kofman
Earle S. 'Skip' Lenker
Dr. Laura Simon & Dr. Bruce Lindsay
William H. & Diane J. McKinnon
Bruce & Marilyn McPheron
Kristina Meyer
Annemarie & William Mountz
John C. Oliver, III
William C. Paxton, II
Eva J. & Ira J. Pell
Penn State Federal Credit Union
James J. Portman
James J. & Lynn D. Ramage
Ronald & Alberta Sestili
Bill Landherr & Lena L. Sheaffer & Scott Sheaffer & Lacey Sheaffer
Charles H. ‘Skip’ Smith
James B. and Anna Lee Smith
John T. Smith
John & Nancy Steimer
Kim & Susie Steiner
James & Kathleen Stengel
Andrew & Susan Stephenson
Laura L. Stephenson & Joseph M. Thomas
David H. & Mary P. Strunk
Dennis & Joan Thomson
Louise Y. Tukey
Tracy & Mary Vargo
Dr. Paul & Dr. Sally Wangsness
Mary Jane & William Wild

Commemorative Benches ($5,000)

Bill & Candace Dornan
Michael Flanagan & W. Thomas Huntsman
Philip G. Keeney
Family of Andrea A. Leonard
Lewis & Ann Farrell Roscoe (2)
David C. & Jennifer Smith
E. Alleen Wolfe

Commemorative Trees ($5,000)

Bonnie Avillion
Kathleen Avillion
Helen L. Beattie
Sven & Carmen Bilen (2)
Jeff Carter & Heather Ondercin
Wanda Clayton-Sams (2)
Wilson Cramer
Donald & Susan Cwynar
Margaret Decker
W. Daniel & Sandra Douthitt
Rod & Shari Erickson
Frederick J. & Patricia A. & Adam R. Fernsler
John J. Finegan (3)
Michael Flanagan
Miriam Forney
Norman & Trygve Freed
Steven & Carol Gentry
Mary E. Gundel
Gail Hurley & Cheryl Polca
Lawrence & Barbara Hutchinson
Jim & Barbara Ingram
John H. & Veronica V. Jones
Friends of Elsie Keeney
Philip & Miranda Keeney II
Mary Keppel & Carol Park
Rod & Mitch Kirsch
Cynthia D. Lamey
Gretchen Leathers
Earle S. 'Skip' Lenker
Family of John W. & Lois A. Mastalerz
Barbara McKeehen
Rexford Melton
Gregory Moyer & Suzanne McCrory
Dorothy O'Connor (3)
Eugenia Parker
James J. & Lynn D. Ramage
Margie & Bill Richards
Robert Schmalz
Gretchen Schwoebel
James & Roberta Scott
J.C. Sell
Terry & Nancy Stambaugh
John & Nancy Steimer
Veronica Stravinski
Friends & Family of Dr. James F. Tammen
Edna Jean Udine & Family
Ruth Vastola (2)
Dr. Katherine M. Wagner-Reiss
Andrew Webb
H. Alan & Marjorie H. Weisel
Jane Wettstone
Mary Kathleen Williams
Susan Williams & Family


Ames True Temper
Black Bear Nursery - Andrew J. Pollock
Blooms of Bressingham/Green Leaf Plants
Ernst Conservation Seeds, Inc. - Mark B. Fiely
Scot & Charlene Chambers
Franklin Chow
Mark Fiely - Ernst Conservation Seeds
Flower Barn - George Griffith & Tom O'Brien
Foxborough Nursery, Inc.
Green Acres Nursery - George K. Biemesderfer
Kuhns Tree Farm - Larry Kuhns
Manor View Farms
Monrovia Growers, Inc. - James A. Poorbaugh
Ed Palpant
Schochary Ridge Nursery - Lloyd R. 'Ross' Post
W.D. Wells & Associates
Francis J. Wence
Roger Zellner



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